Coupons for Marketing & Sales

Tagcash offers a coupon service enabling marketing and sales of a wide variety of products and services, with payment for services only on redemption. Redemption fees are set in TAG Tokens

Coupons can priced in any wallet currency, giving value to a rewards currency of your own, or partners should yu wish to work with other currencies. They can also be free to add by users, but the redemption fees remain the same. To incentivize customers to share coupons, the redemption fee can be increased.

If you want to attract a specific user demographic, create coupons that use the rewards currency used for that segment. It also gives value to the creator of the rewards currency, so it is likely they would want to encourage it

If you have created your own rewards currency, then Coupons give your customers more options to spend it. Create Coupons priced in your own currency, or encourage other merchants to do the same.

Coupons can be created via the web wallet or mobile app. Redemption can be done by scanning the QR code of a coupn, or searching for that user to find what coupons they have added. Coupons that have been purchased are automatically redeemed on payment.

Optionally, voucher codes can be added, enabling sale of access codes, PIN codes, game tokens, and more.

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About Us

Tagcash is a digital wallet developer and platform, building blockchain solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology. Tagcash is regulated by the central bank of the Philippines (BSP), and is authorised as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) -

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