Although Permissionless blockchains enable Bitcoin and other currencies to operate as they do, they don't offer the control, flexibility or scalability that Permissioned Blockchains do.

Tagcash uses open source, to handle many of the services offered in its platform. Tagcash can offer custom development on Multichain to solve problems within your business as well, especially within areas that involve transfer of value, a need for immutability, a better way to control access to information or simply for redundancy and replication.

Contact us today, giving a brief overview of the problem you would like to solve, and let us see if we can offer you a solution using blockchain and distrbuted ledger technology.

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Tagcash is a digital wallet developer and platform, building blockchain solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology. Tagcash is regulated by the central bank of the Philippines (BSP), and is authorised as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) -

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