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Tagcash is developed in Google Flutter, to enable modular development and dynamic loading of "mini programs". These can be developed in Flutter or HTML/CSS/Javascript, or simply link an existing website and load in a mini app window. Mini programs can also use template modules to create a branded customized version, for example to create your own online shopping malls.

You can test out the new app as a beta tester from the Android Playstore. Search for Tagcash and scroll down to the "Join as Beta Tester"

mini programs can be free to use, or chargeable on a monthly, yearly or one time basis. Developers also have the option to charge other developers to use their mini app as a template.

Access control can be restricted to member roles, or staff roles within a merchant. Users would then have to join the merchant in the app, to be able to access a mini app. You can charge for joining a merchant as a specific role, or can charge for the individual mini programs.


  • Use regualated E-Wallet Fiat currencies
  • Closed loop currencies, option to connect to Stellar Blockchain. Good for rewards, or in house currencies.
  • NFC, RFID for contactless payment, identification, faster interactions
  • QR code scanning for payments, identification, scanning for tickets, coupons etc.
  • Individual and Company accounts, balances, views, actions
  • User, family and merchant accounts. One user can have multiple merchant accounts
  • Permissioned roles, used for staff access or restricted user access
  • Location aware using mobile phone GPS, for geofencing use cases.
  • Optional Advertising module with auto payment per ad display, linked to your app or service
  • Node JS server and integration for real time data display
  • Many API calls, or we can create more for your needs, or you can integrate external APIs
  • Additional components or modules can be designed for your needs

A REST API is available to integrate Tagcash features, at This site incorporates a Swagger interface, with demo sandbox mode, and is for merchant/company handling of money and data. For example a company could automate payments to Tagcash accounts or to visa/atm salary cards.

If you want to enable payments or any other type of approval on your website or in an app, the REST API can be used to generate a request that can be approved from within the Tagcash mobile app. You could for example ask the customer for approval to charge their account automatically up to a certain amount, useful for automated micropayments or recurring payments, or you can make it a one time payment for a product or service.

RFIDs and QR codes are used extensively within tagcash for identification, payments, and accessing details of product, such as tickets, or coupons. All this is available via API, and Tagcash can create more APIs for different types of QR code or RFID usage.

Any assets created on the Stellar blockchain can be integrated to receive and send from within the Tagcash Wallet, or any currency created by a merchant in the Tagcash application can be linked to an existing Stellar Blockchain token.

Tagcash is creating its own Ethereum based sidechain, using TAG for smart contract deployment, NFT creation and management etc. You can test out the chain at testnet.tagbond com, or check the explorer at testnet.tagcash net:25000. A faucet to get test TAG is available on the site.

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About Us

Tagcash is authorised and regulated by the BSP (Central Bank of Philippines) as an Electronic Money Issuer. Tagcash is also registered in Europe (Cyprus) and USA as Tagcash Ltd.

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