P2P Crowdlending

Crowd Lending, also known as Peer to Peer Lending, is available on Tagcash to either request loans or to lend to others. Currently, this service is only available to indivduals or companies, based in the Philippines.

Loan requests can be made after 3 months of salary payments going through Tagcash, after we see payment history through merchant accounts over 3 months, or with collateral of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin only at the moment).

When creating a Loan, you set the target amount to borrow, and the interest you want to offer per month (Between 1% min and 5% max). Once the pledges have reached the target amount, the borrower can accept the loan. Repayment of the loan plus interest starts 30 days after acceptance. Interest is charged on a daily basis on outstanding balances owed. Early repayment of loans is possible, with no penalty fees.

Tagcash Fees

Tagcash charges a small fee of 100 PHP to post a request for a loan, which is returned at the end of 60 days or if you cancel your request, whichever is sooner. A completion fee of 3% is deducted from the total given to a borrower, when the target is met and accepted. For lenders, 10% of the total interest paid is kept by Tagcash.

Lending by other Lending Companies

Tagcash also offers lending by other companies, where you can apply for loans and applications usually accepted or denied within a short time period.

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About Us

Tagcash is authorised as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) in the Philippines, and builds digital wallets for itself and other companies.

Details of EMI registration can be seen on the BSP website at http://www.bsp.gov.ph/banking/emi_.pdf

Our Contacts

21/F, 88 Corporate Center,
141 Valero Street,
Makati City, Philippines

+63 (02) 7955 7081
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