Create your own rewards currency, send to customers, and redeem them in different ways. Rewards are transferred in the same way as money, by sending to TAG ID, email or mobile number associated with the user account. Payments in or out by QR codes and NFC touch are also integrated. a full rest API is available should you want to integrate with your own system.


Issuance can be one time or reissuable and you can control if users can transfer to each other, to merchants or just to you. Balances of users can be seen, and accounts can be frozen if needed.


Tagcash offers various modules inside the mobile app that can be used in conjunction with rewards currencies, such as coupons for products and services priced in your currency, red envelopes for sending gifts, voucher issuance and redemption, scratchcard games and location based loyalty gamification (Tagwild)


For interopability your rewards currency can also be created on the Stellar Blockchain. Addresses can be authorised to hold your rewards currencies. This is often a good option if different merchants are all using the same currency, as there will be no need for API integration. Tagcash can also supply server code for automatic detection of incoming amounts. If you also wanted individual user accounts to be able to transfer to other Stellar based wallets, and then trade them on the Stellar DEX, you can enable that as well, but that often depends on local laws and regulations.


Create your own app modules that will show under apps and services menu in Tagcash Wallet app. This can be done by your own developers by downloading the core mobile app code and following instructions on our developer site at Alternatively we can build it for you, at a cost of $25 per hour.


TAGX is the rewards currency built into Tagcash and can be used by merchants who do not want to create their own rewards system. The value is pegged at 1/10th of a cent, or 1/20th of a Peso (ie: 20 TAGX = 1 PHP). TAGX can be acquired by purchasing it in the wallet, accepting it as rewards by merchants, or by trading within the Stellar DEX market. TAGX can be used to pay for services within the Tagcash Wallet, or to pay merchant fees for accepting payments. If you want to see how rewards currency operates in the wallet and outside in Stellar based wallets, then we can transfer a few TAGX for you to play with.


Creating and then managing each rewards currency is $10 per month for closed loop, $20 per month if integrated with the Stellar blockchain, payable via wallet balance, TAGX rewards, or in app purchase. Custom development would be charged at $25 per hour.

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Tagcash is authorised as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) in the Philippines, and builds digital wallets for itself and other companies.

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