Tagcash offers an offline solution to enable payments, using NFC cards and Bands. This is especially useful where internet access is slow or not available. This works using a simple Android NFC mobile app, combined with tokens that you create and manage. Credit or debit the online wallet to a mobile device, and credit or debit cards offline using the mobile device and app. NFC Cards should be nTAG216 format to work with the app.

Download the Tagcash NFC App from Google Play Store and try for free. 1000 PLAY tokens are embedded in the app without needing to connect online.

Download Tagcash Wallet app for Android

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

After installing the app, create admin account, enter the details on screen, and click the add icon to connect an NFC card which will be the admin login for the app.

By default, there are 1000 PLAY points to experiment with - simply click the credit button, enter the amount and touch the NFC card to the mobile device until you hear the Confirm sound - generally this takes 1 second. You can now charge that card, or check balance by touching the card to the mobile device, or clicking on Balances and Info and then touching card. nTAG 216 cards can hold up to 35 different currencies

To use your own currency, create your own tokens on the tagcash.com Blockchain. Tokens can then be debited and credited between the online account and any number of NFC enabled mobile devices. All credits and debits between the device and online wallet are recorded on the Tagcash Blockchain.

To connect to your online account, use the Settings -> Merchant and connect to your Tagcash online account, then select your merchant account. Once selected then choose Settings -> Payment Options and select the currency you want to work with. All charges and credits to NFC cards are recorded, and these can be exported to the online account or downloaded

Custom Tokens can be created on Tagcash Blockchain by anyone. Create or login with a personal account and then create or switch to a merchant account. It takes seconds to create a new merchant account. Navigate to Services from the left menu and look for the "Create and Manage Tokens" section.

Enter a short abbreviated name (like BTC, TAG, PHP, PLAY etc), a short description (eg: Bitcoin, Company Coins etc), total amount and number of decimals (like 0.01). If you want issue a fixed amount then leave the Issue More checkbox blank, but if you want to create more in the future of the same token, make sure it is checked. Leave the checkbox checked for Open (anyone can receive or send),unless you want to restrict it so that permissions must first be assigned to an address. Keep in mind that once the Open or Restricted is set, it cannot be changed in the future.

Once created, permissions can be set to any address on the Tagcash chain (be that on a external node or user in Tagcash). Permissions include Admin, Issue, Activate, Send and Receive. Permissions can be revoked for an address simply by searching for an address and unchecking the checkboxes.

The cost of creating your own Token is 250 TAG, 5000 PHP or 99 USD.

The Tagcash NFC app is free to download and play, with the PLAY points that are embedded in the app - Usually, you will want to credit and debit from an online wallet, for central administration and tracking and you will want to know which device uploaded or downloaded your Tokens. If you have multiple sites, then again usually you will want to reocrd which location uploaded and downloaded credits. Each location in this case would be charged monthly. Any other devices using the app, if they are only being used for crediting and charging NFC cards, would not need to connect to the online wallet, and therefore not charge is made.

Pricing is $25 USD (or 70 TAG) per month for the first user license, and $10 USD (or 30 TAG) per month per user that connects to the online wallet

There are no fees charged per transaction, either offline or online. Your tokens can be sent to any other user, or even to a separate node of Tagcash Blockchain.

You have 2 options. The first is to use the Tagcash API (mainly the wallet/transfer command) - however, all your customers would need to have a Tagcash account. The registration can be done via your app as well. There are caps for API usage eg: free usage for up to 25,000 transactions per month

The second option is create a wallet node by connecting to the Tagcash Blockhain, and sending RPC-JSON commands, with commands to send Tokens to others, creating new addresses and so on. Those addresses can be tied to your users in your application. Other than the initial connection to the Tagcash Blockchain, there is no further connection to Tagcash, although all online transactions are recorded on the Tagcash Blockchain. However, the NFC transactions between device and cards is NOT stored on the Blockchain

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Tagcash is a digital wallet developer and platform, building blockchain solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology.

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