Payments and Rewards Currency

Tagcash uses TAG currency, for any payments, subscriptions, advertising and rewards within Tagcash apps, and for use as native transaction currency in the Ethereum Sidechain created for blockchain integrated mini app projects.

TAG has a set value of approximately 2 US cents, with prices controlled by Tagcash. Merchants needing to buy it can do so directly form Tagcash, or they can also buy it via the Stellar Blockchain where it is available against USDC, XLM and other currencies. It can also be bought using credit/debit card.

TAG for customers

TAG can be won in games, or given as rewards within Tagcash by us or other merchants. It can be spent in mini programs to pay for services, or traded on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for other Stellar based currencies.

TAG on Stellar

TAG has also been created on the Stellar Blockchain, making it easy to integrate into other applications as needed, or acquired for use in Tagcash applications. A total of 1 Billion TAG was created, and more can be created as needed by Tagcash to provide to customers.

TAG is NOT speculative and is NOT an investment

Because TAG can be reissued as needed, and price set by Tagcash, it is not the same as speculative cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It is meant to be used as a payments and rewards currency within the Tagcash ecosystem.

Mobile Apps

Download Tagcash Wallet app for Android Download Tagcash Wallet app for iOS

About Us

Tagcash is authorised as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) in the Philippines, and builds digital wallets for itself and other companies.

Details of EMI registration can be seen on the BSP website at

Our Contacts

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