• Digital Wallets

    Create, store, and transfer funds (rewards points, internal currency or real cash) in digital wallets.
    Seamless and safe transfers.

  • Merchant Payments System

    Use Tagcash mobile apps, or build into your own websites and mobile applications using the free Tagcash API.
    Speed up processing with NFC and QR Codes.

  • Remittances and Foreign Currency Conversion

    Remit into Tagcash, convert to another currency and transfer out to other users wallets easily.
    Transfer to Bank or use Tag-In Tag-Out (TITO) agents to pay in or collect cash.

  • Rewards

    Transform new customers into loyal ones.
    Free rewards system that makes use of 9 marketing modules, with the option to issue points and/or cash.

  • SMS Services

    No internet connection? There's no need to worry. Check and Transfer PHP balances through our SMS services.
    Click HERE to know more.